Do not rent - $100 (Springfield)

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Do not rent from. I've lived since March 2018. Keystone real estate just took over like 8 months ago now throwing people out left and right for no reason at all. I've been paying $750 a month more than anyone else. The lease u sign says you're suppost to have on-sight garbage but they do not provide it for you they tell you have to take care of it yourself and if you try to use a tow behind trailer then they just throw you out. The owner's wife will come in whenever she wants and yell at you. I spent over $1,000 trying to get rats out of my RV and the exterminator called the rental company to see if they could put out traps to help keep them out of other people's RVs and they don't want to help with that either! My son is autistic and has seizures and they're throwing us out with no place to go! Do not go to them. Plus they keep raising the rent too. Refuse to fix anything they are a slum rental company.
They do not allow plastic sheds or tarps or anything on your RV or buy your RV if you have a plastic storage shed or anything they'll make you get rid of. When I first started staying here I had a fence around my place and they just decided to tear it down while I was at work. The fence was there when I moved in. Do not rent fair warning! They also took the fence off the other side of the park by main Street so now just anybody can walk threw the RV park and take whatever they feel like taking when you're asleep or not around. Rats come over from the mill across the street they will destroy your RV! I had family in here temporarily just in an overflow parking spot and they had them evicted through the court system which I don't understand when they weren't even on a lease! They very shady. I've lived 5 spots this RV park so I know it well 2nd longest person there unfortunately. My son is autistic and has seizures and they're throwing us out with no place to go on the streets! Can't get St Vincent de Paul to help me or anybody at this point I really don't know what me and my son are going to do now and now I'm going to have another eviction on my record and not of my own doing cuz I'm not behind on rent I'm not behind on anything and I've lived here since 2018 and the new rental company is just complete assholes My lawyers telling me to talk to their lawyer before court they're refusing to let me even talk to their lawyer William at keystone is a complete asshole and will completely lie to your face over and over again too. Plus a few of my neighbors have told me they're now raising their rent again which they just raised it to $600 so they're raising it again also but still refuse to give on site garbage
Or do anything to keep rats out of here so if you move in your RV will get destroyed come winter time from rats

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