Vegetarian starting in October (Any)


My name it Tim, 39 years old, he/him pronouns, and I’m looking for a housemate somewhere in Oregon or Washington starting October 1. I grew up in SoCal and spent 11 years in Oregon before moving to Michigan in 2019 for a job. I quit that job recently and plan to move back. I have family all over the West Coast, so I’m not picky where I end up for the short term, prefer Oregon or Washington. I’m trying to find a housemate because (1) we'd probably get something nicer/bigger kitchen together than what we'd get on our own, and (2) life is better with people in it.

About me: I’m vegetarian (mostly vegan), have 2 dogs (4.5 year old pit mixes) and enjoy cooking/baking (will feed you lots of vegan pizza), video/card/board games, tennis, baseball, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, dog stuff. I used to exercise more but have been battling lower back pain recently. I’m super worried about climate change, because we aren’t doing anything substantial about it, and time is running out. I’d like to try to consume less, start a garden, join a degrowth movement, etc. I quit my job in Michigan mainly because the employer was a chain of BBQ restaurants, where I couldn’t eat anything on the menu. I used to be a CPA, but my latest job was more IT/software development. While I wasn't passionate about Accounting, I'm also not particularly passionate about writing code or technology. I’m passionate about decarbonization and preventing ecological collapse. I don't trust our current economic system to shepherd humanity responsibly. I watched CNN’s Trump/Biden debate and felt great shame.

About you: I’m not super picky. If the above paragraph didn’t put you off, you’re a good fit. If we share any of the hobbies I listed, even better! I’m LGBTQ+ friendly, and 420 friendly. I don’t drink much anymore, at least I try not to, but you do you. I think the hardest thing to find will be another vegetarian, as having a housemate to cook with/for is a strong preference. My last housemate was a 21 year-old, non-binary, ace, AFAB vegan who I got along with great, reference available. I let them live in my house for free for 10 months (until I decided to sell/move) because I had extra wasted space, didn’t need more money, and wanted to do something nice for someone.

Thanks for reading!

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