Looking for a room/ apt by Sept 1 (Eugene)

Hello! I'm a 46 yr old self employed glass artist (of 27yrs) looking for a room/ small apt to live in, aiming for around Sept 1 (open to earlier, let's talk!). My budget is $500-$1000.

A little about me: artistic/ intellectual/ nerd with a million interests from glass to playing musical instruments to astronomy/ astrophotography. My name is Kevin Nail, feel free to search my name and/ or "Stress Less Glass" to find my IG/ website where you can get more of an idea of who I am. The glass market has been changing in recent years so I'm trying to develop my skills in the web development/ coding world hoping to generate some income in the near future. I went to school and it closed on me 3/4 of the way through with no warning, so I'm working on recovering from that as well as still gaining skills to find some kind of employment/ supplemental income at some point- keeping my costs down will help me with that.

I am quiet, very much prefer a clean home, I work most of the time and keep a 9-5ish schedule so I'm up around 7-8am and in bed by 10-11pm. Sleep is very important to me so if renting a room I need roommates that understand taking care to try to not wake others up during off hours- I will be considerate for you when I'm up early/ late! Incidentally, I don't drink alcohol so prefer to not live with heavy drinkers/ partying (I'm 420 friendly but that's it). I'm very independent and prefer to live by myself- you won't be cleaning up after me- but need to work on some financial goals due to the school fiasco so sharing a place or finding a small apt/ studio is the plan for the next 6-12 mths. I'm very open to what may be out there.

I'd really love a place out in the country out of town- near Goshen would be preferable as my glass shop is near there and I'm hoping to not have a long commute. Otherwise I'm very adaptable- I'm on a minimalist mission in life for a while, normally I want my drums/ bass/ keyboard set up, my mushroom (oysters/ lions mane/ etc.) farm in full swing, a huge garden/ greenhouse raging, and otherwise nerding out on some interest of mine but right now I have obligations I want to get out of the way so I simply have my basic stuff and don't require space for anything but my bedroom, and I need enough office space to set up a desk and small table for my shipping station (a good internet connection/ wifi is absolutely required). I'm good at adapting to challenges, and right now I'm biting the bullet and looking for a temporary situation to crush out some goals and get to the next stage in life where I can get all that fun stuff going on again. For now, I'm looking for a simple home life so I can focus on work.

I'm open to anything, not in a hurry, and have great references which will confirm I will be a solid renter- so please hit me up and we can discuss what you have going on, I'd love to see what's out there even if not a perfect fit.

Thanks for your time and consideration, look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Just to throw out some other personal interests of mine for you to factor in:

Drums/ musicianship
The Big Lebowski
Alan Watts
Ram Dass
Be Here Now
Sharon Salzberg
Astronomy/ astrophotography
Mycology- growing and foraging mushrooms
Coding (web dev/ mechanical automation/ etc.)
Emotional health/ therapy
Glass Art

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