Housing Needed/Room Rental Wanted (Eugene/Springfield/Santa Clara)

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*Current home's situation has changed and due to external circumstances I am looking to relocate as soon as the last week of May. I am a woman in my late 30's seeking a room to rent or room-mate situation in housing. This is a rental offer not a personal ad. Looking for documented above the table, on the books, type business happenings/offers. I pay renters with a good check monthly for everyone's records. Not offering any type of trade just payment, and trying to stay out of mischief or criminal happenings. Also not interested in lying to rental companies or fibbing about my presence in the home/apartment. Looking for a safe spot to be in. Seeking preferably a female roommate but not opposed to a male one, just having some troubles with personal space or privacy being respected. LGBTQ friendly. Would prefer a room to myself with a bathroom as well but have shared bathrooms in the past. Seeking a spot for as soon as June 1st. 420 friendly but not party hardy. Currently not partaking in. Can still pass a drug test. I have a fulltime job and therefore a source of income. With this though comes a work schedule and my reasons for a bathroom of my own coming from this thought and a desire to have privacy. I will leave if asked, as I do not want to have troubles with rentals I just request proper time and consideration of situation to be given. Seeking shorter durations at a time because it is difficult for all parties involved to make long term commitments blindly with strangers. I am trying to live a respectable and honest life. Trying to stay out of trouble. Email correspondence is preferred. If I cant respond right away I will when I can. Thank You for your time, hope to hear from you soon.

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