Do you have a quiet place I can rent? (Lane County)

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Looking for somewhere to rent ASAP that is totally quiet for a month possibly longer. My cat will be coming with me she is very well behaved, doesn't scratch furniture or go potty outside her box. I have a doctor's letter that she is a therapy animal.

Images above show the tranquil setting that I am searching for.

I am willing to stay in a tiny home, cottage, cabin, yurt, or RV/trailer. As long as there are essentials like power, some cell phone service, outlets, and a toilet. I would prefer a 1-2 bedroom single home but I haven't had much luck finding anything that isn't right in the middle of town.

The most important thing is that it be extremely quiet like where a writer would go to write. I need a break from hearing dogs barking, children, car doors slamming, contractor noise, landscaping every single day.

My ideal space would be a tiny unit on someone's wooded property or farm away from the main house, driveway and work space. I don't mind being near animals just don't want to be around dogs barking. A place I can see and hear nature/birds and nothing else.

Please reply through the CL email option initially and then I'd be happy to correspond through phone. Serious inquiries only please thanks!

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