Blue and gold macaw (newport)

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EDIT: sweet boy is still looking for a new 🏡

i hate to do this but i am putting feelers out for my blue and gold macaw, Stitch-Odin. We are located in Newport OR. i have had him for half a year and we are very bonded and have made loads of progress with his behavior. Due to drastic changes in my health it’s became very difficult to keep up with his social and enrichment needs. it isn’t fair for him to keep him. (he’s getting on waitlists to local rescues as well)

He is 21 years old and can be a shy bird with new people. I am his third home and for his first 15 years of life he was locked in his cage and sprayed with whenever he screamed. He now has a severe fear of water we have been working on but it may take years for him to fully bathe again. His feather condition isn’t great because of him not bathing but the vet says he’s very healthy and it’s just an aesthetic issue.

He tends to get very overwhelmed with new things and changes in the environment say you move around furniture, put something new in the room and someone new comes over within a couple days he will not be behaving like his normal self. when he gets overwhelmed he tends to get very heightened and a lot louder and i always figure out what might be causing the stress and fix one or two things as well as talk softly to him. he needs a home that understands why he acts the way he does when he’s heightened and not get frustrated with him.

he’s just getting comfortable with toys and enjoys cardboard based toys as well as a lot of toys from planet pleasures. He also really enjoys popsicle sticks and wooden blocks with treats in them:). he love crinkly packing paper with toys to forage for. He does have a major thing with fabric/clothes which does quickly escalate to hormones or just being overexcited which is something to keep in mind.

in his last home he was around smaller birds and did okay with them, i would worry about him getting too excited and it turning into aggression with them though. he has not been around my smaller bird. He’s not scared of dogs(no direct interactions. just in the same room) but again when the dog becomes playful he tends to feed on that and becomes over excited and will attack his perch/cage/toy, whatever is nearest. He’s seen small kids but just due to their energy i don’t think it would be a good fit. the main priority with any other living being near him is the ability to calm down quickly when necessary for his sake. For this reason i don’t think he would be a good candidate to live with a bunch of other larger birds.

For diet he is on Birdtricks seasonal feeding system minus the leafy greens as recommended from his vet. At his last home he refused all veggies and only ate fruit. he thourghly enjoys his chop now! He came to me on Roudybush pellets and has since switched to Tops pellets which he eats somewhat happily. he gets pieces of nuts and banana chips, harrison’s power treats, and nutri berries as treats for training and foraging only. i have noticed a large change in behavior and hormones through his diet and would like it to stay as similar as possible.

Vet does say he is a little chunky and needs to lose about 100g as expected. He has never learned to fly and when spooked will jump and fly about 2-3 feet and crash. i would like him to go somewhere with people who will encourage his flight journey. He hatched with a funky toe but it doesn’t effect his mobility at all.

His personality can be very shy with new people when he’s around his person. when his person isn’t around and he’s with new people he tends to be very loud and over the top. I believe he just doesn’t feel comfortable showing he’s scared and therefore tries to make the other person uncomfortable. recently he’s has been showing great improvement in remaining calm around new people and acting normal in a hands off way around someone new. he needs to go with someone who knows macaws and their behaviors. with his person he’s very cuddly and sweet and calm. he enjoys dancing a lot. he tends to be the best version of himself around women and tends to be over the top with men. he is not bitey at all he will try and move away before biting he just needs his body language to be respected. i will mention the first 4 months of having him he really struggled. part of that was me not knowing how to soothe him and the other part of that was him not having any trust, he was very loud during that time and it may be the same at his next home. he does talk but i will not let him go to anyone who just cares about the fact he talks. He has a large cage he’s had with since he was a baby and i will be selling that with him. PM for price and questions. Please talk to your S/O and family before pming. he is my baby and i will be heavily vetting possible homes. texts preferred, no calling. (since a couple of these pics he has had a nail and beak trim. posted on facebook as well:)
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