Sweet cat needs new home (Eugene)

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This is Fluffy. She is a very sweet and calm cat. She is about 8 years old. She primarily lived with one family for most of her life and I have been taking care of her for about 8 months. She is a small cat and looks deceptively young for her age (although people think she is an old soul lol)

I need to rehome her for two big reasons
1. She started having peeing incidents probably related to medical issues
2. I am moving and cannot afford both the medical expenses or the risk of future accidents

Why do I say the peeing is probably related to medical issues?
Behaviorally she is a really sweet and chill kitty.
I took her in for a vet exam and they noted she has itching skin - she needs special food to help with her digestion (she does NOT have flees - we checked). Next they saw she has dental disease and a broken tooth. After, they recommended a blood and urine test to rule out issues. Depending on the results she may need antibiotics
Cost of the blood and urine is about $300 and the dental work $1000+

I did not have pet insurance at the time but you have the advantage of knowing this info and would qualify to take her in as a different owner with pet insurance, to get coverage

This is a lot of info here - if you are willing to put the money upfront, and hopefully get it back through insurance, and looking for an affectionate and gentle kitty - she is your girl! I have bought toys and cat beds over time so I’m happy to share anything I’ve collected for her with you no charge

Thanks for reading

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