Furry Friends Dog Training (Eugene/Springfield)

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Furry Friends Dog training

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I am an avid dog lover and an experienced dog trainer that has recently re-located to the Eugene area. My training philosophy is centered around using your dog’s natural instinct to follow a social hierarchy in all of their relationships that I call Alphamanship. A big part of this will be training you how to be the Alpha in your relationship with your dog and how to be a confident and capable dog handler so that your dog will want to follow you as his/her leader, the Alpha.

I will train your dog in the foundational obedience behaviors: sit, down, stay, come, and heel, as well as with several other behaviors and commands that will give you the ability to have a successful and happy life together with your furry friend. I will also work on any unwanted behaviors such as: (jumping up on people, barking, whining, mouthing behaviors, resource guarding, tearing things up, lunging or pulling on the collar/leash, etc.) with your dog, and then I'll teach you how to deal with those behaviors after I am gone.

What I want to do for you is to give you the ability to continue your dog's training because that is the best way to ensure a lasting successful relationship together. Even a fully trained dog has to be handled correctly, in the way that he/she was trained to recognize and respond to, or the owner will not be able to see the full benefits of all the dogs hard work and training. This is why I involve every owner in the dog's training as much as they are willing to be involved.

I utilize both positive re-enforcement and reward for training wanted behaviors, and effective and appropriate corrections for unwanted behaviors and I will spend the first week or so using all positive training methods while making sure that your dog knows his commands and behaviors very well. I am a one man show so you'll have my undivided attention for private training sessions and I will work out an individual training program with every client and pooch that works for everyone involved and will cost according to each custom plan that is developed.

Give me a call, text or an email for more information and for any questions you might have for me.
My mission is to help as many dogs as I can learn to live happily and successfully with their people and I have found that I really love being able to do this very effectively.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you, Rich

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