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Multi-Talented Musician 2 create Studio / Reh. Sit. (Lane County)

HI: My name is Greg Ganesh

It is said, go for your dreams and don't be shy about what you want, so here goes:

You: are already a musician / songwriter / or someone who has some musical skill and/or raw talent needed to be developed and wants to do something with that. Or you are already doing musical projects. If you're already playing music live, great, that can be built upon in many ways. Perhaps you already have a basic make-shift home studio or even better, yet “can't hear the forest from the tree falling” and need some accurate perspectives of how your recorded music is being perceived form other ears and how it can be improved. Or perhaps you have no recording skills or do not you know the technology well enough (nor have the ear for it quite yet) to create a good quality recording ….. yet you DO have a garage or basement or large extra room that you want to convert for this sole purpose. Perhaps you also (or just) want to create a live jam band rehearsal studio and record stuff "off the board". I'm all for any combination of musical ambition like this. Here's a plus: You're also - perhaps - a spiritual person, or just a person who inquires why the world is the way it is(?) Even if a person knew NOTHING about all those skills, talents and desires mentioned above, but perhaps we are on the same wavelength regarding spirituality and philosophy, that might work too. Still would need that garage or basement or room to convert to a recording or rehearsal studio.

Me: I can help turn your space into an adequate recording studio &/or rehearsal space
, help you develop your songs and structure your music. I play tenor ukulele, baritone solid body guitar (sounds just like an electric guitar) drums (both kit and hand drums), bass guitar, simple keyboards, lead vocals, background vocals, etc. I have a multitrack music program on my laptop, great sound editing skills, mixing and mastering skills. have 7 self-produced original CD's as proof of said skills. Additionally, I have some basic recording gear to get started immediately.

I understand this situation I'm looking for is a rare find right now. The housing situations are insane.... and most people are insane. Additionally, many have all kinds of issues, especially around "their" music. The biggest is with the "musical ego", so I'm looking for someone to work WITH rather than FOR, and that would probably entail they have a more unique perspective on life. Still, I want to be that live-in studio guy.

Ideally, you would be eager to learn some basic multi-track recording skills, since you have never done "home" recording before. OR you tried it, but didn't have a person familiar with it to guide you on basic recording technique, mic placement, how to mic drums, so forth, etc., etc. But even more ideally, you are just as talented and into music as yours truly, but have been having a hard time finding a “musical partner in crime”.
Said person would also understand "the attitude of gratitude" when finding someone like themselves. So that means said person wouldn't act like a petulant child or petty dictator, just because "it's myyyyyy house" and whatnot. What I'm trying to do is uplift my musical world with another = a win-win; “multiply, don't divide” is what my musical mentor always said.

I have no legal issues in my life. I just want to do music AND ONLY MUSIC everyday of my life. I want to live, eat, breathe music in an environment I won't get harassed in just because I love to play and record music a lot.[*Yes, soundproofing will be undertaken]

In addition to the skills I have mentioned here, I also have some wisdom, having lived a while now on this God forsaken planet. You could say I'm pretty seasoned now than my younger years. I would mesh best with someone more in the "spiritual hippie" &/or “DIY alt” vein who wants to create majestic music rather than make a personal ego-trip out of it with visions of becoming a star and all that B.S. I say yes to success because success is up to YOU. On the other hand, fame is given to you after you've “sold your soul to the devil” ] (been there, tried to do that... didn't work). That's not to say that a HEALTHY ego isn't needed in all of this. Yet a more spiritual perspective & outlook of one's place in the world is actually necessary for the kind of person that would be a match for what I'm looking for here.

Once again, I can accommodate by helping out financially a set amount each month if you need that to help put this together.

I'm sure many will be timid to pick up a phone and actually call me about my idea here; I understand..... So if you're just mediocre with what you really want to do, that's okay.
Hey I can't blame you. We live in materialist culture whereby everyone is judged by how they look and how manicured their lawn is. Even worse, you're lucky just to survive now, the way things are. Housing is so tight, a lot of people are living under bridges, EVEN WHEN THEY STILL HAVE THE MONEY TO RENT AN AFFORDABLE A ROOM. (Eat your heart out, India!)

Understand I'm not against material things (you need a baseline of material, technological objects JUST to record even a basic CD: laptop, mic, and talent, not to mention, to survive in this world of ours). Yet there's a great need for a higher philosophy in life now. Things are going to get worse and worse in this world, I believe. We humans are using up the natural resources faster than the planet can replenish them now. And we don't care. We only see ourselves and our little world of feeding the body and getting things for th comfort of the body... and getting other bodies that you would like to be comforted by to be very close to your body. But you know what? YOU ARE NOT THE BODY! (That's the basic message of the "Hindu" Vedas). Yet still we need the body – and a body that works adequately – in order to function in this earthly realm; we live in a paradoxical world because we are half angel and half animal.... but all we're seeing now is social Darwinism and shallowness more and more in popular culture. We need a higher-truth-based musical movement to counteract this; something other than just satisfying our bodily urges and lusts. That's the reason why mainstream music – and let's face it, nearly all music being made now – sucks now.

If you're still reading this (after all that), congratulations! You might actually qualify for our home studio sem-finals(!) We'll meet up one way or another; first over the phone, then, eventually, in person. After that, it'll be a no brainer for both parties. Like with most things in life like this, we'll probably know just from talking on the phone if it's “on” or not.

This "Philo Rock / Rap / Pop" (philo = philosophical) "movement" I foresee has lots of room to expand and grow now, because the ignorance of the human world has reached a tipping point. The "spiritual situation" has reached the "separating the wheat from the chaff" moment whereby the darkness has become SO BLEAK, it is ACTUALLY feeding the light now. Translation: the dark controlling nature of the mass-ego has reached the point of "must release the toxicity" simply because the ways of the ego (the body) will not satisfy that deeper hunger within most people with a heart, mind and a clue left.... "man cannot live by bread alone".

Once again, I'm looking for a musical relationship that will benefit BOTH parties. If this should involve more people than just a single person, well, the more the merrier. (Just remember that with more people come more potential ego problems.) I'm not really in trying to start a band here, but I'm also not ruling it out. How about just a healthy musical relationship, which will become whatever it's meant to become if it's allowed to become.

After listening to some examples of my music [*below] you will probably figure out that I don't "need" other band members. This would be a correct assessment. However, so much more can be learned and also multiplied energetically when "two or more are gathered in my name", like Jesus said; which works the same with music "ironically", as it does with spirituality.
Below is a rounded sample of my works over the years There is a lot of new material on here as well:
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