Roberts 770x Open Reel Tape Deck - $200 (springfield)

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192 Deadmond Ferry Rd near industrial way

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Roberts 770X open reel all tube tape deck SOUND-ON-SOUND. $200 Price is firm. Has not been plugged in since 2006, it worked at that time, albeit with a fuzzy sound in one channel. so NOTE! I do not want to risk destroying old electronics by applying power to possibly degraded capacitors, etc. If you're into vintage electronics you know what i mean. i will not plug it in to "test it out" at this time. It is complete inside, has not been a donor, has not ever been "fixed" by anyone. I grew up using this machine to make my earliest multi-track recordings around the Bicentennial. My Dad trusted teen me with it as well as his guitars and basses, he used it a lot to pretend he was Glen Campbell. it dates from the early 1970s. A contemporary use for this machine is to disassemble, discard the tape-transport and rebuild it into two separate tube pre-amps for studio use. There is instructions online how to do that. It is a heavy piece. I'm going to guess at least 70 pounds. Lid is tight, latches good. I've downsized into living in an RV and use computers for recording now. Excellent old speciality gear from another time. No mold, no stink, no rust. No guarantees about working condition. DON'T plug it in without a variac or similar.....

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