Peavey PR 12 speakers - $175 (Eugene)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Peavey
model name / number: Pr12
**1. Peavey PR12 Speakers: The Epitome of Sound Excellence**
Elevate your auditory experience with the Peavey PR12 Speakers, a name that has become synonymous with unparalleled sound quality and durability. Designed meticulously by the audio maestros at Peavey, the PR12s deliver crisp highs, mids that cut through, and deep bass, ensuring a balanced sound spectrum. Whether you're setting up for a live concert, a conference, or an intimate gathering, the Peavey PR12s promise to transform any space into an auditory haven, capturing the essence of every note and voice with precision.

**2. Innovative Design Meets Superior Performance**
The Peavey PR12 Speakers are not just about sound; they're a testament to innovative design and engineering. Crafted with lightweight and durable materials, these speakers are built to withstand the rigors of regular use without compromising on sound quality. The trapezoidal design ensures optimal sound projection, making them ideal for various setups. With a high-speed ribbon driver and a woofer with a high-performance voice coil, the PR12s offer a sound experience that is both powerful and nuanced. Their versatility, combined with user-friendly features, makes them a favorite choice for both professionals and audio enthusiasts.

**3. Peavey PR12 Speakers: A Legacy of Trust and Reliability**
When you choose the Peavey PR12 Speakers, you're aligning with a brand that has been at the forefront of audio technology for decades. Peavey's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the PR12s, from their robust build to their exceptional sound output. Revered by sound engineers, event organizers, and musicians alike, these speakers have garnered rave reviews for their reliability and performance. Investing in the Peavey PR12s is not just about buying speakers; it's about becoming part of a legacy of sound innovation and trust that only a brand like Peavey can offer.

This sale includes the tripod poles for the speakers to be mounted on.

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