Peacocks / Peafowl - $125 (Veneta)

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2 males, 1 female Indian Blue peafowl for sale. They are all one year old, the males get their first eye feathers and dramatic color this fall.

Next year we will have regular color as well as white and piebald for sale.

All our birds are 100% free range, use to people, dogs, mowers, etc. If you “home them” to your property they will never leave and can live without shelter year round. I coupe them during deep freezes, they are very easy to work with. They will roost in a large pine tree within 0-.25 acres from their food and water.

Why have psychedelic cats with wings? They are truly awesome, friendly, curious, beautiful creatures. They keep all predators off your property and your neighbors too. Native animals are not use to these exotic, large, colorful, and yes - yelling birds.. So they all stay away out of fear. They show off their large feather displays daily. They produce lots of cool feathers.

What’s the downside? They yell and call especially during the whole spring because it’s mating season then. They will nap on your car, walk all over your roof and poop where they please.

They are perfect for people who live out of the city with at least one acre. They will go into your neighbors yard too. They are great on farms and do well with all other animals, kids, etc. Look and good luck trying to touch..

I’ll only sell to someone who knows what they are doing or willing to learn from me. You have to have more than one, they are extremely social, they have a large vocabulary which you’ll learn quickly. If we chat, it’s possible to come by and visit them, see the big males and the chicks.


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