SALE! Organic Sunchokes and Yacon to Plant or Eat - $5 (West Eugene)

SALE!  Organic Sunchokes and Yacon to Plant or Eat 1 thumbnailSALE!  Organic Sunchokes and Yacon to Plant or Eat 2 thumbnail
NEW PRICES ARE HALF OFF from former prices, see below!

I have about 50 pounds of organic Sunchokes (aka American Sunchokes or Jerusalem Artichokes) to sell. I dug them in March and have stored them in the fridge since then, so they are in good condition to eat or plant. The 1st photo is of the Sunchokes. They are very easy to grow and now is the time to plant them. I am selling them for $2.50/pound with discounts for larger orders.

I am also selling a 1-2 pounds of organic yacon crowns, which you plant, to grow the yacon tubers, which you eat (the tubers will not grow a plant.) The 2nd photo is of Yacon tubers. These are also known as Bolivian Sunchokes. The crowns are stored in sawdust. They are starting to sprout and should be planted soon. I am selling the crowns for $5/pound. Each pound can grow many plants and each plant can produce several pounds of tubers. Plant 15 inches apart, harvest when the tops die back in a frost, dig up the crowns and store in leaf mulch protected from freezing, and you can keep them going forever.

Yacon tubers are shaped like sweet potatoes, so they are much easier to peel than American sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes). They are also sweeter, crisper, and juicier. You can make yacon syrup, which is a natural sweetener that is lowest on the glycemic index.

Both kinds of sunchokes can be sliced in salads to add crunch, flavor, and fiber. Can also be cooked. Low in calories; good for diabetics and dieters. An easy and healthy way to lose weight. They are said to regulate blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels, relieve gastrointestinal problems, and stimulate the immune system.

Minimum purchase $5. I will revise this ad if I sell out of one or the other. Let me know when you are available to come out to our farm just west of Eugene to get them. Include your cell number so I can text you the address. Thanks!

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