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license info: Registered Prepaer with IRS; Also hold Power of Attorney for clients when needed

IMPORTANT- SOLE PROPRIETORS, CORPS & LLC's need to issue W-2's & 1099's ASAP
Let's get started and avoid a HUGE penalty implemented by the IRS


******** I am here to help EVERYONE! Every situation is fixable and will turn out better than you think*********

I'm currently in Eugene but have clients all over the states and abroad!

Within our first conversation, you will feel instant relief and you'll feel how much I genuinely care!

I'm registered with the IRS, and do have the exact same leverage and abilities as an attorney when it comes to dealing with the IRS. I'm also a Quickbooks Pro Advisor*** I am VERY passionate and EXCELLENT at what I do!

I'm for the people. I'm stand for what's right! I am not afraid of the IRS.... I dig deep, push the envelope; adore and know all of my clients and in most cases their entire family.... I see everyone as real people not just a number.

I AM A ONE STOP SHOP! I HAVE SEEN IT ALL! FIXED IT ALL! SET UP AMAZING BOOKKEEPING! PAYROLL SERVICES YOU CAN TRUST (I've caught one of the biggest Corporations (ADP) in the nation embezzling extra payroll fees, taxes and wages from countless clients)
The list goes on and on.... Call me to talk about your specific situation. This is a safe, private consultation, always. I treat all information as privileged and have to uphold it as such on par with a health or legal practice... I am incredibly down to earth, thoughtful and driven.

I haven't advertised in YEARS! After practicing for this long (13 years now); my referrals come from currently clients...
I relocated from Austin, Texas and thinned out my practice in the transition; so I'm now able to take on a few more clients.

Back taxes are my specialty but is only one part of my practice. I am a pro at all things taxes. No project is too big; no project is too small! Bookkeeping, payroll, sales taxes, ALL types of income tax returns (for all entities- self-employed, employees- from small mom and pop shops to huge Corporations, Estates, Payroll, Trusts, Sales Taxes- I do have the exact same leverage and abilities as an attorney when it comes to dealing with the IRS and everything in between.) Please don't hesitate to call and discuss your specific situation. You will quickly get a feel of who I am and how I work. Looking to hearing from you ;)

I am more than happy to make a payment plan, that will work with your finances... no credit needed.I'm incredibly kind and understanding; as long as we communicate. I know each and every single one of my clients on a personal level. I'm not your typical accountant. I am a people person and am a great communicator. I take the time to get to know your specific situation and will explain how we will tackle it, step by step.

I have built my practice with integrity and truly care about each and every single one of my clients... big and small. I take the time to answer all of your questions. I want you to understand how what we are doing every step of the way. One of the reoccurring themes that I hear constantly in my practice is that most accountants are lacking "bed side manner". They tend to treat clients as if their questions are ridiculous and are not good at communicating. I'm the exact opposite. I'm an excellent communicator and there is no such thing as a "dumb" question.

Need to file your 2017 return or extension?
Have you filed your 1099's yet with the IRS... you still have until April 1st to efile them. Yes, I can e-file them for you!
Need to catch up and file returns to re-fi at the current low rates?
Looking to start a business, or are already acting as a start up?
Have past tax debt? Do you know your rights?
Need your bookkeeping pulled together quickly? Perhaps it's time to automate your books and make life easier?
Need help with Payroll Taxes?


Taxes can be incredibly stressful. Tax codes are written in a way that leaves peoples heads spinning. They make it as difficult as possible on purpose. No matter what your situation is... it's never to late to fix it. There is always a solution. You will feel at ease instantly after ONE phone call with me!

I deal with all entities... you name it, I've done it and then some! I have clients across the country and abroad. However, you'd never know that because of the constant one on one focus you get from me until your situation is cleared up. No job too big or small! I will always guide you in the direction that is best for you and/or your business. I DO NOT up sale.

***** I WILL HAPPILY WORK OUT A PAYMENT PLAN WITH YOU- no credit required ********

We will sign a letter and engagement and non-disclosure (that insures your information is kept confidential NO MATTER WHAT)... it also answers most questions.... so you are very clear on all pricing and that your personal information is ALWAYS safe with me. I am registered with the IRS and do have the exact same leverage and abilities as an attorney when it comes to dealing with the IRS.

If you are receiving notices demanding payment... let me help you stop it in it's tracks. Within our first conversation; you will feel that I treat all of my clients as friends. I am truly here to help relieve the immense weight of having the IRS involved in your life... or to just help you get you caught up. Get you set up with an airtight set of books. I can help you file a DBA, non-profit, Corporation and everything in between. I haven't turned into a firm BY CHOICE. I know that I am the best there is. I care. I'm passionate about getting EVERYONE out from under the immense stress the IRS inflicts on individuals, sub-contractors, Partnerships, Corporations and beyond. I have done and seen it all. I don't back down until it's done and my clients get relief.

Perhaps you just need to get everything in your books automated and clean... easy to maintain once it's set up correctly and the information starts defaulting on it's own!

I set up payment plans, only after we have reviewed all other options. There are so many tax codes out there, that many people aren't aware of... but they can be used to almost everyone's benefit.

I'm amazing at what I do. Back taxes are my specialty, but not my only focus. I've honed my craft and built my practice for over a decade.... I'm not the typical bean counter... I have a young spirit... I am always on top of every new tax code, relief programs and loopholes that help my clients in a BIG WAY. Once a client; always a client. I know every single one of my clients (and most of their families). I treat each of them as if they are my only client. I always go the extra mile and make sure that they pay as little as legally possible. I always go the extra mile and dig for every single deduction to bring your taxes down. I have clients that have come to me in extreme distress due to prior experiences with a tax professional; and have a 100% track record of resolving it. No job too big, no job too small.

I'm located in EUGENE but have clients nation and world wide! Yes, I'm very good at what I do and I take care of ALL of my clients that same way I would take care of friends and family! It's worth a phone call!

Angela Welch
owner of Freebird Tax & Books (I made a decision a few years ago to take my website down- I no longer needed it for advertising)
541.525.7122 MBL

(PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE, EMAIL or TEXT or just reply to this post... if you miss you and I'll get back to you ASAP)

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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