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Valley Versus Vision: Folk Horror of the Willamette Valley – by Jahan Brian Ihsan
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Teasel House is proud to announce the release of Valley Versus Vision: Folk Horror of the Willamette Valley, the groundbreaking first novel from author Jahan Brian Ihsan. In this psychologically terrifying narrative set in the heart of the Willamette Valley, readers are taken on a journey through history and spiritual terrors.
In pursuit of knowledge and meaning, protagonist Romas finds himself employed at a hospital in the sleepy college town of Corvallis. Haunted by memories of his homeland of Lithuania and a traumatic childhood, he seeks solace in the forgotten structures of history. Romas develops a keen interest in the history of his new town. He learns of the dark legacy of a local messianic figure, Franz Edmund Creffield, whose twisted path of power and corruption once cast a shadow over the town.
As Romas delves deeper into the history of Oregon, the lines between past and present blur, revealing a sinister network of deceit that lies beneath the veneer of salvation. It's a revelation that binds Romas to a fate intertwined with the very forces that have long haunted his dreams—forces that drift through the annals of time, from the enigmatic Creffield to his contemporary descendants and doomsday cults.
Valley Versus Vision is a gripping addition to the folk horror genre with an atmosphere thick with haunted localities and sacrificial rites. Jahan Brian Ihsan's folk horror storytelling will leave readers enthralled and terrified in equal measure.

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