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re: The Far Side - far from sanity

Weed Glut,!!!! Not legal yet!! (Eugene)

The Far Side

The Far Side

Please sign my petition to get LTD stop injuring us and pay our bills (Eugene) pic

Vote Democrat if...

Vote Democrat if . . . map

Vote Democrat if . . . map

re: Left wingers chanting . . .

Negras in the news

Australia hostage

Left wingers chanting . . . map

Remember . . . map

Time for Truth to prevail!!! (US)

Where is . . . map

Momma says_ pic

OPEC lowers the price of Oil . . . map

rere Pelosi lied !!!.................. map

RE:Pelosi , caught in ANOTHER LIE !!! pic

Pelosi , caught in ANOTHER LIE !!! map

The future of America

re: The 'Where is' thread....

rex6 where is . . .

Videographer needed to document Death with Dignity Process in Pain Pt

rex5 where is . . . map

re re re re where is . . .

re re re where is . . . map

re: re: Where is...the anti-Assdot avenger (Crypton)

RE:Where is . . . pic

Hey Dot for Brains pic

In the news

dot dot dolt dolt . . . map

Repeat after me;

Top Three . . . map

re: Top Two . . . pic

Top Two . . . map

rereHey , basement dude . . . map

re:Hey , "basement dude" . pic map

re: Hey, "basement dude"....

Message to young Caucasian women

Hey , "basement dude" . . . map

re: re:re: "Mom's basement thing" pic

Good `ol dusty dandies . . . map

re:re: "Mom's basement thing" pic

re: "Mom's basement thing"

re:Dot Dolt returns pic

re: HaHaHa....etc.

Right on dude

Alien pic

Hahahahahahahahahaha, yuk yuk . . . map

Dot Dolt returns

RE Illegal border crossing , bla,bla,bla map

re:whittaker thanksgiving dinner pic

Obama`s accomplishments . . . map

re: Obama's accomplishments

Obama's accomplishments. and dont forget he's black


Who ya gonna blame

Kill the Constitution (United States) map

whittaker thanksgiving dinner

One solution


Re: warming centers map

Warming centers


cupcakes (University)

Re African American

Vote Democrat if...

Vote Democrat if . . . map

yer a Racist . . . . map

Vote Democrat if . . . map

Vote Democrat if . . . map

USA, a nation of political cowards

all you fools.... pic map

re: Vote Democrat if.....

Vote Democrat if . . . map

How to get away with rape

re: dont bs the public

re: Vote Democrat if.....

re: Global warming

Global warming

Vote Democrat if...

re: Right Wing Talk Radio

Right wing talk radio

Support Peter Defazio; Free Massage? (East Eugene) pic map

re re new AG map

re: new AG

new AG

Dumbocraps lose BIG !!! map

Dumbocraps lose BIG !!! map

Escalation of force article

re: No more LIES , and no more Dumbocraps (144) pic

RE: We Fart Robitussin

re:NOBODY......Voted Democrat if . . .

NOBODY......Voted Democrat if . . . map

Don't feed the Democrats pic

Obama and the Democrats

Rape and crime

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

Watch FOX News (America)

re: Why the Politics section is garbage

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