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It'S called Fukushima contamination (world wide) map

Study quantifies contribution of tribal economies (us) map

Top Reasons Why You Should Vote (oregon) map

job Discrimination in Oregon (usa) map

46 Million and there families (usa) map

Government debt (usa) map

gas prices $1.90+ DOLLARS (usa) map

Half of Oregon job openings dont pay a living wage (oregon) map

re: Mental disorder

Liberalism is a MENTAL Disorder (Sanitarium)

Worlds events . . . map

OPEC lowers the price of Oil . . . map

Like NAFTA? (US) map

re: So you must have really benefitted from NAFTA I guess.

Re Re Update (usa)

re: update (paranoia) (tpp)

update (united states) map

beheading map

re: Religion/Terrorism & Ridiculous laws

Ridiculous laws



New Year - New leadership (Here) map

Re: New Year new leadership (Oregon) map

Weed Glut,!!!! Not legal yet!! (Eugene)

In the Beginning map

re: Obama blamed Benghazi on a video . . . pic

Obama blamed Benghazi on a video . . . map

re:oregon football sucks (redmond) pic

oregon football sucks (redmond) map

Boko Haram map

re: 5 Reasons the rich are hoarding....

re: Freedom

Thank You Obama pic

5 Reasons the Rich Are Ruining the Economy by Hoarding Their Money

re re World leaders map

re: World Leaders . . . pic

World Leaders . . . map

re:Hillary guilty of MURDER !!! pic

Hillary guilty of MURDER !!! map

re:George Soros and MSNBC . . . pic

George Soros and MSNBC . . . map

Don't insult my Prophet map

re: Left wingers chanting . . . pic

Left wingers chanting . . . map


re: re Immigration (map)

re:re: Immigration

re Immigration map

re: Immigration



re:Worlds events . . .

re: Vote Democrat if . . .

Vote Democrat if . . . map

Only One map

Volunteers needed for a petition against LTD and online (Eugene) pic

Hillary , we should . . . map

rightwingers chanting..

re: Allah Akbar

Allah Akbar

Obama , what happened in France . . . map

Thanx Obama and left wingers map

re Great job ,bla,bla,bla map

Great Job Mr President!!!! (Eugene)

cult alerts

Cult alert! (Harrisburg/Junction City)

re hey lucky people map

Hey lucky people

RE: Warming centers

Pets & Pedophiles....huh??

Pits are good pets

Hey pedo


re: rere if

rere if

re: If you can't beat 'em....etc.

If you can't beat em, join em.


re:re Fladded because you cant handle the truth pic map

New Shooting by Cop

Thank God I'm an Atheist

re Fladded because you cant handle the truth map

Flagged because you can't handle...

Well, Shitbird, I just did a quick Google search

My response BG

Re: corporations rule us? (same ole corporate crap) map

re: Corporations rule us...?

Re: new leadership (Same ole corporate crap)

new leadership (same ole crap)

re:re: New Leadership

re New Leadership map

How Walmart is Destroying our World (Everywhere)

re: The Far Side - far from sanity

The Far Side

The Far Side

Vote Democrat if...

Vote Democrat if . . . map

Vote Democrat if . . . map

re: Left wingers chanting . . .

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